Montessori Education

The Standard in Preschool

Maria Montessori

A Montessori educational institution is a school that follows the teachings of Maria Montessori who was an Italian doctor by profession. The core principle of her teaching style is to use observations to understand the underlying nature of every child.

The Montessori Principle


The Montessori system treats every student as a dynamic, curious person with an inner need to know about the world around them. In a typical class, students repeat activities multiple times in order to master them.

Sensorial Learning

Montessori education believes that a child comes to know of the world and learns about it through his/her senses. Thus, great importance is given to the development and refinement of their sensorial skillset.

The Environment

Environment and surroundings play a great role in the learning process of a child. A Montessori class is usually calm, very orderly, and contains colorful materials that invite the children to explore more.

Find A School

The montessori fremont school is one of many that offers children’s education with the Montessori methodology. Choosing the perfect school is always a time consuming job, but the time spent is well worth it considering the quality of education that children get in such schools.