Are You Safe?

It seems nearly impossible these days to turn on TV news or take to social media without hearing dreadful reports about crime. The fact that the news cycle is saturated with crime stories may prompt many to question whether today’s vast media coverage means that more stories simply make the headlines than did in the past or if society itself has indeed gotten worse.

What Can You Do to Be Safe?

You Can Control What Happens to You

Just about anyone can be a target of criminal activity. Knowing this, you may wonder whether you are truly safe as you go about your daily routine. While the potential to be a victim of a crime may be ever-present, there certainly are steps that you can take to help avoid scenarios that could result in such outcomes. Taking proactive steps to prevent from being a victim should be on everyone’s priority list.

Don’t Endanger Yourself

First, consider your own actions. Do you take risks that could lead to catastrophic results simply for a little convenience? Do you often place yourself in compromising situations with people that you don’t really know? If you drink, do you do it in a setting where another could easily take advantage of you? Taking simple, logical steps to manage your own actions can safeguard yourself from a number of dangers.

Know Those Around You

Next, think about the people you associate with. Do you truly know them (and their motivations)? Have you looked for subtle cues that could indicate they have volatile personalities? Remember that a criminal defense attorney can get a suspect acquitted for a lack of evidence, so your best bet to avoid becoming a potential victim from someone who may walk free is to avoid him or her altogether.

Avoid Vulnerability

Ultimately, the key to avoid being a victim is to not make yourself vulnerable. Typically, criminals prey on the easiest targets, whether that be a stranger who spots you on the street, or an acquaintance who knows how he or she can take advantage of you. Remember, too, that there is strength in numbers. If you feel endangered, don’t hesitate to reach out to friends, coworkers, or others for added protection.